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Active Aging Research Center (AARC)
Bringing Communities and Technology Together for Healthy Aging

Funded by: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Principal Investigator: David Gustafson, Ph.D.

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Our goal is to develop a community-based information and community technology (ICT) system (ECHESS) that enhances aging in place.

ECHESS will be the centerpiece with Driving, Falls Prevention, Service Dependability and Process Improvement all feeding into it. Working with community-based Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) and the elders and families they serve, we propose to:

  1. adapt, test, and disseminate ECHESS, a suite of services that provides anytime/anywhere support tailored to elders, their informal caregivers and to those who improve elder services
  2. deliver E-CHESS across multiple platforms, with optimized interfaces for various mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, and web-enabled TV devices, thereby maximizing functionality across users
  3. evaluate (a) the efficacy of ECHESS to enhance the centrality of the older adult and their family within their care circle; (b) the psychosocial benefits (e.g., functional independence and quality of life) to the elders and caregivers; and (c) the cost effectiveness of ECHESS to reduce healthcare utilization (e.g., unscheduled clinical and emergency-room visits and hospital and nursing home stays)

For study-specific information and all other inquiries, please contact:

	Alice Pulvermacher
	AARC Project Director
	Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies
	University of Wisconsin-Madison
	(608) 262-8448

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